76 Kills Today



  • Episode : 7
  • Max Level : 80
  • Max Lapis Lv : Lv8
  • Type : PvP/PvE
  • Free CRR-PID-EE
  • Kill Rate : x15
  • Gm Rerolls
  • 3rd Skill bar
  • Instant Level
  • High Rate Server
  • Auto Skilled up to lv 3 with enough points to finish Leveling
  • DEX-LUC Fixed
  • Cross factions trade and whisper
  • Weekly and Daily Discord Giveways
  • Speed Rerolling And Speed Enchanting
  • Instant Mounts
  • Stacked Items From Bags
  • Solo party system
  • Raid kills are shared
  • PvP rank rewards system - Coming Soon
  • Fixed Bless
  • No De-buff lapises
  • Ele Icons
  • Free Shaiya points by farming and doing the AH quest
  • Fast Farming
  • Free starting sets/lapis to make it easier for you to farm only 5 stats less then end game gear!
  • Very well balanced gear for all classes with each class having its only custom sets
  • /party yourself for auto pickup
  • Skill and rune cut are fixed and will not work
  • Both faction share the same amount of HP
  • Max Lapis Lv7 with some Lv8s , Helmet Lapis Lv2, Element Lapis Lv2, Flash Lapis Lv2, Sonic Lapis Lv2
  • 150 Slot Raids
  • Custom Commands
  • Fast Transit and Fast Loa
  • Supported Mini Maps
  • 3 people to make a guild

We are a server that will be up for the long run hope too see you there.

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