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Shaiya Hollow Bullying Warning

Shaiya Hollow Bullying Warning

Hello Eve?ryone,

We need to talk about something important: bullying. At Shaiya Hollow, we're all about being kind and respectful, and we won't stand for any bullying in our community.

Bullying means being mean, scaring others, or spreading nasty stuff. We know that joking around and friendly battles are fun, but being mean is not cool at all.

Here's what you need to remember:

Differentiating Playful from Mean: Having fun battles and joking is okay, but being hurtful, scary, or making others feel bad is not allowed. If someone does this, they might get a timeout of 7 days. If they keep doing it, they could even be  perma banned from the server!!!

Repoting Bad Stuff: If someone is bothering you, don't fight back. Instead, tell a grown-up (like a Game Master or Game Sage ). They're here to help and sort things out.

Being Nice and Caring: You never know what's going on with others. Being kind and understanding can make a big difference in how we all get along.

At Shaiya Hollow, we believe that every player makes our world special. Let's make sure it's a happy and safe place for everyone.

Thanks for being part of our cool community!

Best Regards, 

The Shaiya Hollow Team 

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